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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters [3LP]
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John Coltrane

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters

3LP / Nowy

A1. Acknowledgement (part I)
A2. Resolution (part II)
B1. Pursuance (part III)
B2. Psalm (part IV)
C1. Pursuance (mono reference mix - part III)
C2. Psalm (mono reference mix - part IV)
D1. Acknowledgement (vocal overdub 2 - part I)
D2. Acknowledgement (vocal overdub 3 - part I)
D3. Resolution (take 4/alternate - part II)
D4. Resolution (take 6/alternate - part II)
D5. Psalm (undubbed version - part IV)
E1. Acknowledgement (take 1/alternate - part I)
E2. Acknowledgement (take 2/alternate - part I)
E3. Acknowledgement (take 3/breakdown with studio dialogue - part I)
F1. Acknowledgement (take 4/alternate - part I)
F2. Acknowledgement (take 5/false start - part I)
F3. Acknowledgement (take 6/alternate - part I)
Opis produktu

There is little to say or introduce about both the Impulse label and master John Coltrane, apart from stating the obvious. Both label and artist have been cornerstones of jazz music for the better part of sixty years, and it's always a pleasure to have these timeless classics re-compiled and presented as a shimmering remaster of the original format. A Love Supreme is perhaps Coltrane's greatest moment - which that is a bold statement - and unlike the vintage Chicago house reissues that are lauded as being too 'clean' compared to their original formats, jazz is a music that must be listened to with crystal-clear detail and sound. That is precisely what you get here with this beautiful new version of the album, an edition which boasts longer cuts of the original, and that'll go down a storm with the Dingwalls heads. A classic - enough said.

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