The Lightmen Plus One - Fancy Pants [2CD]

The Lightmen Plus One

Fancy Pants

2CD / Nowy

CD1_01. Sorrow, Bitterness & Revolution (Now He's Gone)
CD1_02. Fancy Pants
CD1_03. On The Road Home
CD1_04. Blue Tip
CD1_05. Hope
CD1_06. Song Of Praise
CD1_07. Ujimma
CD1_08. Ashie
CD2_01. Sorrow, Bitterness & Revolution (Now He's Gone) (mono)
CD2_02. Fancy Pants (mono)
CD2_03. On The Road Home (mono)
CD2_04. Blue Tip (mono)
CD2_05. Hope (mono)
CD2_06. Song Of Praise (mono)
CD2_07. Ujimma (mono)
CD2_08. Ashie (mono)
Opis produktu

Revolutionary, spiritual jazz from Houston, reissued for the first time – the second in a series of four expanded reissues of drummer and bandleader Bubbha Thomas’s lauded catalog.

Drummer, bandleader and activist Bubbha Thomas had toured America with R&B revues, served as a session musician for Peacock and Back Beat Records, and played straight ahead jazz with legends before the political and social upheaval of the late 1960s led him to a path first charted by Coltrane. Fancy Pants is his second LP with his Lightmen band and, like the deep-set, maverick jazz issued by the likes of Tribe and Strata East, is amongst the best of the 1970s jazz underground, a collective voice of resistance to the musical and cultural status quo.

This is the first time that Fancy Pants has seen reissue, and it is presented in both the issued stereo and previously unissued mono mixes as a double LP. This reissue was remastered from Bubbha’s original master tapes. Bubbha and his band’s story is told in great detail by Houston music and cultural historian Lance Scott Walker (Houston Rap / Houston Rap Tapes) and Now-Again’s Eothen Alapatt, in a booklet that contains dozens of unpublished photographs. Download card for WAV files and videos of numerous 1970s performances also included.

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