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Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks - Season Of The Assassin [CD]
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Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks

Season Of The Assassin

CD / Nowy


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A1. Intro
A2. Philo: Metatron: Wisdom
A3. The Void
A4. Steel Sharpens Steel
A5. Iron Tusk
B1. Limb From Limb
B2. The Ghost I Used To Be
B3. Herringbone
B4. Moroccan Jewels
B5. The Coffin
C1. Hakim
C2. Hebrew Tau
C3. Gospel Of The Worm
C4. Pistolvania 2
C5. Alcapurrias
D1. Yev Kassem
D2. Ninety Three
D3. Blood Addicton
D4. Writings On Disobedience And Democracy
Opis produktu

For almost two decades now Vinnie Paz has easily been the most recognizable and galvanizing figure in Hip Hop’s underground. His work with Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs has been hailed as revolutionary and violently conscious, and his presence is unmatched. Paz’s greatest strength lies in his diversity: he is as equally at ease writing brutal, grimy raps as he is constructing poignant, insightfully personal verses and it is that ability, combined with a deep, metaphysical intellect and the sickest deliveries, that keeps Vin at the forefront of innovation. 20 years have not been enough to mellow the Pazmanian Devil: there is still enough injustice, sickness, and social unrest in the world to fuel Vinnie.

Vinnie’s career has spanned the evolution of Hip Hop from the 90s through the new millennium. Together he and long-time producer and JMT collaborator Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind forged a dark path of innovative, rugged Hip Hop that celebrated the rich history of the culture’s most literal form of art and expression while still keeping an eclectic sense of forward motion. Through violent, morbid lyrics and deeply existential introspection Jedi Mind Tricks has always managed to stay one step ahead in the viciously competitive game. What began at a very early age as homage to a fledgling art form has grown into a life-long devotion to culture and continuity. In the wake of a steady stream of critically-acclaimed releases Jedi Mind Tricks came to define an era of independent spirit where the artist took control of their vision and executed it with total precision. Their album Violent by Design is still hailed as an underground classic.

Branching out from Jedi Mind Tricks is no new feat for Paz. From his earliest days he has sought collaborations with some of the most elite MCs and producers the game has seen. 1997 saw Vin spearhead the project Army of the Pharaohs, and, along with Bahamadia, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric and others, revived the culture of the battle record. In the years since the Pharaohs debut the clique has grown and evolved into one of the strongest forces in Hip Hop. Recruiting like-minded artists such as Apathy (who also debuted on JMT’s first album) and Celph Titled rounded out a roster already solidified by mainstays Outer Space, King Syze, Dez Devious and contributing JMT member Jus Allah. Three full-length albums have proved the Pharaohs to be the grimiest crew around.

In addition to lending his vocal talents to numerous side projects, Vinnie Paz also involves himself in the growth of artistry. Not only does he run Enemy Soil (his new artist management company and independent label) he has been executive-producing artists like OuterSpace and King Syze for years.

Now, with the debut of Vinnie’s first-ever solo project: Season of the Assassin, the world gets a chance to view the MC in a different realm. Season of the Assassin is Paz’s chance to step outside his usual JMT/AOTP mol.

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