Jedi Mind Tricks - Violence Begets Violence [CD]

Jedi Mind Tricks

Violence Begets Violence

CD / Nowy

01. Intro
02. Burning The Mirror
03. When Crows Descend Upon You
04. F**k Ya Life
05. Imperial Tranny
06. Design In Malice
07. Weapon Of Unholy Wrath
08. Target Practice
09. Carvinal Of Souls
10. Willing A Destruction Onto Humanity
11. Chalice
12. Bloodborn Enemy
13. The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms
14. Street Lights
Opis produktu

For more than fifteen years, the name Jedi Mind Tricks has become synonymous with raw, gritty underground hip-hop. From their debut album, The Psycho Sical in 1996 to their seminal sophomore release Violent By Design, to their musical expansion heard on Servants and Heaven, Kings in Hell, JMT has made and indelible impression on the independent music scene while arguably forgingits own subgenre of rap. Now led by the fiery vocals of controversial frontman, Vinnie Paz, and his venerable rhyme partner, Jus Allah, the group has built one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful careers in independent music.

JMT unveils its seventh studio album, Violence Begets Violence through Vinnie Paz's own imprint, Enemy Soil. JMT fans can expect more of the uncompromising, unrelenting brand of hardcore rap music that has attracted legions of some of the most loyal fans in indie music. The 14-track album features appearances from Vinnie Paz's Army of Pharoahs crew members and others whike JMT producer, Stoupe, hands over production duties to a new wave of talented producers honed on the JMT sound, but set on taking a fresh take on a classic formula.

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