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VA - Chebran Vol.2: French Boogie 1982-1989 [2LP]
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Chebran Vol.2: French Boogie 1982-1989

2LP / Nowy

Born Bad / 3521381547207

Disco / Re-Edits


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A1. Phil Barney - "Funky Rap
A2. JM Black - "Lipstick (Shout)
A3. Ettika - "Ettika" (version Maxi Inedite) (8:42)
A4. Sammy Massamba - "Propriete Privee
B1. Shams Dinn - "Hedi Bled Nous
B2. Alfio Scandurra - "Qu'est Ce Qui Ne Va Pas?
B3. Philippe Chany - "Cairo Connection
B4. Nordine Staifi - "Dansez Le Raksi
C1. Brigitte & Michot - "Ta Face Preface
C2. Alec Mansion - "Trop Triste
C3. Marie Jose Fa - "C'Est Tabou
C4. Hamidou - "Jawla Feli
D1. Ganawa - "Yamna
D2. Creole Star - "Break Magic Dane
D3. Manu - "La Rage Du Funky" (remix) (3:26)
D4. Ethnie - "De Chagrin En Chagrin
D5. Joel Ferrati - "Pourqoui Tant De Haine?
Opis produktu

"To succeed in life is to believe in this moment when all is magic, when you're a giant; to succeed in life is to cross an ocean, not knowing what for nor whom for, to be off on an adventure, quite simply" Bernard Tapie The French in the 80s were not faint-hearted: as some threw themselves heart and soul into music or business, others wouldn't mind going bottomless to get themselves noticed_ While Bernard Tapie soon realized his own fortune was rather to be found in business, many music-loving dreamers already imagined themselves in the sun, in an enchanting world made of funky rhythms and synthesizers. While the French National Front was growing in the shadow of François Mitterrand, these guys mixed New York-style funk with electronic, Eastern or African sounds. These musicians from all backgrounds - often lovers of "gentle pranking" as introduced by the newlylicensed independent radio stations - were seeking the easy money they were told about so much. With their genre-crossing arrangements and often chanted lyrics, they brought honor to the "SOS Racisme" generation, unconsciously outlining the nascent French contemporary urban culture. It must be said, the time was conducive to all kinds of mixes: following the left's accession to power, many illegal immigrants had just been sorted out, and Southern cultures were in vogue in all fields.

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