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Coil - The Plastic Spider Thing [2LP]

Coil / Black Sun Productions

The Plastic Spider Thing

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Every Spider Needs At Least One Victim
A2. The Spider Has To Paralyse The Victim. Paralyzing Occurs When The Victim Is Photographed With Flash By A Polaroid Camera
A3. The Victim Is Without Will From This Moment On
A4. The Spider Now Takes The Victim To Undress Him
B1. When The Victim Is Undressed, The Spider Sets Him In The Desired Position
B2. Now The Spider Cocoons The Victim, Meaning The Spider Wraps The Victim In Plastic
B3. When The Cocoon Is Finished The Spider Watches The Victim, His Artwork Is Done. The Spider Makes Another Polaroid, The Next Image For The Plastic Spider Thing Diary
C1. The Spider Now Sucks Out The Victim
C2. The Spider Got What He Wanted. Satisfied & Full Of Blood He Makes Another Polaroid Of The Victim: The Awakening. This Is The Third & Last Obligatory Polaroid For The Plastic Spider Thing Diary
C3. Hello Victim! Awake! The Victim Gets Back His Freedom
D1. All This Has Always To Be Filmed. The Cameraman Has To Wear A Black Leather Coat
D2. There Is Always A Soundtrack
D3. More Photographs & Polaroids Are Good!
Opis produktu

Musick for the 'performancoid' installation in 23 parts named Plastic Spider Thing. A ritual piece from Black Sun Productions, who often collaborated in Coil's live performances. Featuring extended and dreamlike remixes of Coil fragments from the 20 years, prior to when it was originally released on World Serpent (2002). Made in 2002 by John Balance & Peter Christopherson, with live collaborators Massimo & Pierce and draZen: the creators of the performance project Plastic Spider Thing (2001 - 2002). They also conceived and starred in the underground porn movies Empire (2002) and Pirate Tape (2005). In May 2012, they announced to disband Black Sun Productions but have since regrouped as Anarcocks. They are said to have taken additional inspiration from The Electric Newspaper, Steinbruchel, Test Department and Nine Inch Nails for the project. A dozen pitch black and haunting drone pieces that will have you levitating in no time! For fans of music of a similar ilk such as Lustmord or Nurse With Wound.

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