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Adrian Younge - The Midnight Hour (Instrumentals) [2LP]
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Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad

The Midnight Hour (Instrumentals)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Black Beacon
A2. Mare
A3. It's You
A4. Questions
A5. So Amazing
B1. Gate 54
B2. Do It Together
B3. Redneph In B-Minor
B4. Better Endeavor
B5. Smiling For Me
C1. Don't Keep Me Waiting
C2. Bitches Do Voodoo
C3. Possibilities
C4. Mission
C5. Dans Un Moment D'errance
D1. Together Again
D2. Love Is Free
D3. Feel Alive
D4. There Is No Greater Love
D5. Ravens
Opis produktu

The Midnight Hour is Black excellence: an ode to the cultural sophistication that the Harlem Renaissance established for its people. The Midnight Hour is comprised of Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, alongside a tight rhythm section and a full orchestra. Adrian and Ali began working on this album back in 2013, but put the project aside as they would score the hit Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage (the two even perform in an episode of the upcoming second season). The Midnight Hour is a soul/jazz/hip hop album which continues the conversations started by yesterday’s jazz and funk pioneers, those that created the bedrock of samples for hip hop producers in the 80s/90s. The Midnight Hour is sophisticated hip hop that fans will enjoy, capturing their jazz rhythm section, and full orchestra, to analog tape.
The Midnight Hour is now available as full instrumentals on vinyl.

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