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Lodown - Radical Cut-Up [magazyn]
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Radical Cut-Up

magazyn / Nowy

Lodown Magazine / LDWN110


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Opis produktu

This time around, we are focussing on cut-up culture. Some might state it’s just a more sophisticated way to say that it’s based on stealing from others - which is actually true, yet this very movement cannot be pinned down by this simplification only. Copying from others and the art of de-contextualizing has a long history, it goes along with the age of industrialized reproduction that basically transcends everything of our life at any given moment.
We teamed up with the students and tutors of the Radical Cut-Up program at Amsterdam’s Sandberg Instituut to create this text-heavy and très heady manifest of a phenomenon that needs to be discussed.
Highlights of our RADICAL CUT-UP issue include…
- PANOS COSMATOS... the visionary director’s eagerly-awaited follow-up to Beyond The Black Rainbow, is once again filled with clever pop cultural cross-references and more hallucinogenic imagery than people should be allowed. It’s probably this year’s most original and wildest ride. Oh, and there’s cheddar goblins as well.

- ALEX OLSON... Skate culture is being sucked up more and more by the world of fashion – everybody wants that scent of youth and counterculture – one man that transcends the boundaries between both worlds might be Alex Olson, pro skater and star of Supreme’s “Cherry” video, label owner of Bianca Chandôn and Call Me 917.

- ARTHUR JAFA... creates work that approximates the radical alienation of Black life in the West while seeking to make visible — or emancipate — the power embedded in modes of African expression. With reference points ranging from Fang sculpture to Mississippi juke joints, Duchamp’s urinal to jazz, he is a filmmaker with a unique understanding of how to cut and juxtapose a sequence to draw out maximum visceral effect.

- CASSETTE BOY... Starting in the mid-90s by mashing together dance music and random sound bites on two cassette decks, they have released a number of albums and gained notoriety with the video releases on their YouTube channel. Featuring cut-ups of politicians, celebrities and popular TV shows, their brutal parodies and on-point social and political commentary often hit the nail on the head and as such has led to them amassing a big international following with several of the duo’s videos going viral.

   - plus more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE, NADINE GOEPFERT, DERRICK ADAMS, KOEN MORTIER, LEE SCRATCH PERRY, JOHN GARDNER and many others.

* Radical Cut-Up comes oversized with 225mm width x 320 mm height & 210 pages + specials.

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