Suff Daddy - Baker
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Suff Daddy

Baker's Dozen

LP / Nowy

A1. The Intro
A2. Bamel Clues
A3. Suff Punk
A4. Westwing
A5. Super Mario (skit)
A6. Vladimir Plugin
B1. Pre Game Chillout
B2. BFB Vacuum Beat
B3. Dolemite Leftover
B4. Pumpin Like Reeboks
B5. Probably Broccoli Skit
B6. Chicken Pox
C1. Worried Bout My Bentley
Opis produktu
When I finished school in 1999 I didn’t really know what to do with my life. I had just bought my first computer and was killing time by playing games and smoking weed. One day an old friend came by and brought a cracked version of Sonic Foundry Acid. He said: ‘You can make music with this software!’ Of course back then I didn’t realize it, but this was a life changing moment for me. I used this music program for many many years - 17 years to be exact. It became the tool that enabled me to express myself creatively and to do what I love the most: making beats. Both my setup and my creative process have changed a bit since then, but basically it’s the same procedure as back in the day. It usually starts with a few chords, a nice rhythmic loop and some drum bits. The rest happens by itself. I remember visiting the Fat Beats store in New York City in 2004. I was a massive fan. To finally enter the holy halls was a huge deal for me. I was was soaking up the atmosphere dreaming about a future as a producer. Who would have thought that I would ever put out a record with these guys! I feel honored to be part of the Bakers Dozen series and its outstanding list of producers. - Suff Daddy
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