Bubbha Thomas - Creative Music: The Complete Works [8LP]
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Bubbha Thomas / The Lightmen

Creative Music: The Complete Works

8LP / Nowy

A1. Creative Music (LP 1 & 2: The Lightmen - Free As You Wanna Be)
A2. Free As You Wanna Be
A3. High Pockets
B1. Talk Visit
B2. May ’67
B3. #109 Psychosomatic
B4. Luke 23:32-49
C1. Creative Music (mono)
C2. Free As You Wanna Be (mono)
C3. High Pockets (mono)
D1. Talk Visit (mono)
D2. May ’67 (mono)
D3. #109 Psychosomatic (mono)
D4. Luke 23:32-49 (mono)
E1. Sorrow, Bitterness & Revolution (Now He's Gone) (LP 3 & 4: The Lightmen Plus One - Fancy Pants)
E2. Fancy Pants
E3. On The Road Home
F1. Blue Tip
F2. Hope
F3. Song Of Praise
F4. Ujimma
F5. Ashie
G1. Sorrow, Bitterness & Revolution (Now He's Gone) (mono)
G2. Fancy Pants (mono)
G3. On The Road Home (mono)
H1. Blue Tip (mono)
H2. Hope (mono)
H3. Song Of Praise (mono)
H4. Ujimma (mono)
H5. Ashie (mono)
I1. Wench (LP 5 & 6: The Lightmen Plus One - Energy Control Center)
I2. Blues For Curtis
I3. Cold Bair
I4. Energy Control Center
J1. Leo
J2. Jupiter’s Child
J3. The Phantom
K1. Leo (alternate)
K2. All Praises To Allah (alternate)
K3. Cold Bair (alternate)
L1. The Phantom (alternate)
L2. All Praises To Allah (7" single version)
L3. Me
L4. Thomas Meloncon - Ain’t Gonna Wait Too Long
L5. Thomas Meloncon - Bullets Of A Gun
L6. Thomas Meloncon - Waiting On Your Mind
L7. Thomas Meloncon - 400 Years
M1. Country Fried Chicken (LP 7 & 8: The Lightmen Plus One - Country Fried Chicken)
M2. All In Love Is Fair
M3. Survival Song
N1. Herbs (Of Life)
N2. Famous Last Words
N3. Sweet Ray
O1. Country Fried Chicken (Youthful musicians Summer Program version)
O2. Luke 23:32 (Synth version)
O3. Ujimma (Synth version)
O4. Ashie (Synth version)
P1. Looking Back At Summer (feat John Henderson)
P2. Boogie Down (part 1)
P3. Boogie Down (part 2)
P4. Let Me Play The Music
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Revolutionary, spiritual jazz bandleader, drummer, and activist from Houston. This is the definitive box set of his four classic albums with his Lightmen band, each mastered from the original tapes, expanded with bonus tracks and alternate mixes.

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