VA - Spiritual Jazz Vol.9: Blue Notes, Parts 1 & 2 [2CD]
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Spiritual Jazz Vol.9: Blue Notes, Parts 1 & 2

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CD1_01. Bobby Hutcherson - Verse
CD1_02. Pete Laroca -"Basra
CD1_03. Wayne Shorter - Footprints
CD1_04. Elvin Jones - At This Point In Time
CD1_05. Andrew Hill - Poinsettia
CD1_06. Eddie Gale - The Rain
CD1_07. Duke Pearson - Empathy
CD1_08. Bobby Hutcherson - Searchin' The Trane
CD1_09. Duke Pearson - The Phantom
CD1_10. Freddie Hubbard - Assunta
CD2_01. Joe Henderson - El Barrio
CD2_02. Jackie McLean - Plight
CD2_03. Duke Pearson - Cristo Redentor
CD2_04. Wayne Shorter - Indian Song
CD2_05. Hank Mobley - The Morning After
CD2_06. Pete La Roca - Malaguena
CD2_07. Freddie Hubbard - Blue Spirits
CD2_08. Booker Ervin - Gichi
CD2_09. Solomon Ilori - Song Of Praise To God
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Volume 9 of Jazzman's Spiritual Jazz series takes a close look at the deeper side of Blue Note – from the experimental avant-garde explored by younger musicians such as Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson and Pete La Roca, to the exciting new developments in modal sounds put forward by stalwarts Hank Mobley, Jackie McLean and Duke Pearson. The music we have selected shows how musicians working with the label responded to a period of dramatic social and sonic change, charting the route toward the esoteric and spiritualised sounds that would dominate the deepest jazz of the 1970s. 

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