VA - Gangster Music Vol.1 [CD]
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Gangster Music Vol.1

CD / Nowy

01. Eets - Savage
02. Jeremiah - Jae Tell Me
03. Father - Cruel
04. Max B - Flash Dance
05. Caleb Stone - Slayer Cake
06. Budgie - On My Shit
07. Jayallday - 1-800 Killer Whale
08. Jonwayne - Welchs Grape
09. Lovibe - Lemon Water
10. Prince Naeem - Shiraz
11. Mndsgn - Noodles
12. Fifth - And I Swear (feat Squaddab)
13. Manchild - Cold Blooded
14. Nahh G - Moma
15. Kaytranada - Well I Bet Ya
16. Kojaque - Whitney (with Kean Kavanagh)
17. House Shoes - Intergalactic
18. Quelle Christopher - Brain Of The Ape
19. Chester Watson - Time Moves Slower Here
20. Blu - Hip Hop Remix (feat Exile & Choosey)
21. Dream Panther - Kcrw
22. Oh No Madlib - Big Whips
23. Onra - Cant Buy Luv
24. Maze Mountain - The Powers Of Your Mind
25. Your Old Droog - Ugly Truth
26. Defari - Ackknowledgement (feat Evidence)
27. Softest Hard - Sincerely
Opis produktu

Imagine if you could put together a dream line-up of MCs and producers from all four corners of the rap world? That’s what artist and illustrator Gangster Doodles set out to do when he put together a stellar collection of tracks by the rappers and talent that inspire his work. The all-star line-up features everyone from hotly-tipped emerging producers like Eets, Caleb Stone, Maze Mountain and LoVibe next to underground perennials like Onra, Mndsgn and Jon Wayne all the way up to top flight producer Kaytranada and established rap vets like Madlib, Oh No, Blu and Defari. 

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