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The Residents - Eskimo Deconstructed - 40th Anniversary (2LP+CD) [2LP+CD]
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The Residents

Eskimo Deconstructed - 40th Anniversary (2LP+CD)

2LP+CD / Nowy

A01. Mysterious Chant #1
A02. Ga Ga Ga
A03. Neki Neki
A04. Catch 'Em Up
A05. Mysterious Chant #2
A06. Ooh Wit Aah Stomp
A07. Something Interrupts The Chatter
A08. Hunt Field Recording
A09. Crank
A10. Meat
A11. Mysterious/Indigenous Song
A12. North Western Poem #1
A13. Residents Poem #1
A14. Dodgers All The Way!
A15. Break
A16. Commercial Chant
A17. Studio Argument
A18. North Western Poem #2
A19. Squeeze
A20. Indigenous Chant #1
A21. Two Amused Hunters Impersonate The Residents
A22. Asked
A23. Driven
A24. An Amused Hunter Impersonates Player
A25. Life
A26. We Don’T Know How To Prey
B01. Eskimo Theme
B02. Synthesiser Pad #1
B03. Six Inuit Musicians Impersonate The Residents
B04. Birth Field Recording Extract
B05. Album Finale (version 1)
B06. Ancient Whale Chant
B07. A Musician Plays Kooa For Us (At Daybreak)
B08. Unknown Indigenous Poem & Synthesiser
B09. Kooa Musician At Daybreak (take 2)
B10. The Residents Rehearse An Old Northwestern Play
B11. Album Finale (version 2)
C01. Commercial Rhythm & Pooeye
C02. Rounding Up Hunters
C03. Wounded & Dragged Ashore
C04. Floating Downstream
C05. An Excited Welcome!
C06. Segook & Ooluksak Rehearsal
C07. The Hunt Accelerates Towards A Kill
C08. Possibly Another Birth
C09. A Communal Clapalong
C10. Angakok Sermon
C11. The Residents Greeted One By One
C12. Atseak Orchestra
C13. Grumbling
C14. Bells & Whistles Rhythm
C15. The Sled Chase
C16. Drums & Horns
C17. Sedrak Piece Draws A Crowd
C18. The Lone Lookout
D01. Train Ride
D02. Creaking In The Wind
D03. Synthesiser Pad #2 & Whistlin'
D04. Water’s Edge Ritual & Overdubs
D05. Drone Piece #1
D06. Tape Speed Play Improv
D07. Twinklz
D08. Dogs
D09. Drone Piece #2
D10. Whistle While You Walk
D11. Water’s Edge Field Recording
D12. Synth Bang
D13. Synth Swell
D14. Bell
D15. Sonar Communications
D16. Low Synth Rises Up
D17. We All Stomp
D18. Somebody’s Abstract Piece
CD1. Arctic Field Recording
Opis produktu

The classic ambient masterpiece deconstructed – over seventy loops, chants, musical fragments and sound effects extracted from the original multitrack tapes and spread across four sides of vinyl.
Re-construct and re-mix ‘Eskimo’ at your leisure!
A unique unwrapping of one of the great artistic achievements of 20th Century music.
Also includes one hour CD of Arctic wind backgrounds.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Eskimo’ The Residents present a unique collection of the album’s constituent parts, and encourage their public to remix and rework the album.
Including over seventy individual musical elements, chants, loops and sound effects recorded on location by the group in the mid-late 1970s, plus a backing CD of Arctic wind noise, this remarkable set provides unprecedented insight into the three years’ recording and construction of a legendary album, and an opportunity for fans to “walk around inside a masterpiece, the viewing angles almost infinite”.
Conceived by The Residents partly in response to their satisfaction with the successful ‘I AM A RESIDENT’ project and their fans’ musical abilities, and with their own love of interfering with the music of their heroes in mind, ‘Eskimo (Deconstructed)’ represents a first. Never before has a band peeled back the layers of one of their finest works in such microscopic detail, and made those highly intimate elements available to the public to re-interpret as they choose.
Sure, it’s a classic, and this is undoubtedly sacrilege, but consider this a chance to screw with The Residents’ music just like they’ve been screwing with everybody else’s for almost fifty years now. Dig out your sampler and your turntables and dive in!
‘Eskimo (Deconstructed)’ is the latest in a series of archival Residents reissues that will continue throughout 2019 and beyond. Look out for ‘American Composers Series’, ‘God In 3 Persons’ and ‘Cube-E’ sets, coming soon.

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