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Serato X Thud Rumble - Weapons of Wax #1 (Spike) [12"]
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Serato X Thud Rumble

Weapons of Wax #1 (Spike)

12" / Nowy

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Woo! It's here! The Beautiful Serato x Thudrumble production of Weapons of Wax number 1 of 4! Side A: Serato control tone and Side B: analog skipless skratch sounds!!! Intended for the pro Djs only! (Not responsible if you're an amateur and the needle skips!)

⭐️(Insert Kung fu movie music) ⭐️ Equip your fists of faders w the elegant #weaponsofwax now ⭐️ before they’re all raided! Arm yourself with this Spike shaped ninja wax weapon for your record sheath! ⭐️ Aah, feels so good! ⭐️ Roundhouse your own sounds on the @serato side and back flip it over to the “Don’t skratch these Ill samples (but you will anyway) Thud Rumble analog side!” ⭐️ Flying Guillotines for the serious student skratchers all the way to the Grand Masters of mix martial arts! Shuriken heal or hurt...  ⭐️ choose your path wisely! Invent and unlock whole new dimensions of infinite sonic chop technics, and add a new universe to your drum skratching punchy ⭐️ kicks ⭐️ Hands down ⭐️ the flyest wax ever made in the Buddha Palm of your fists!!! ⭐️  The only records you’d want to take to a deserted island or Han’s! ⭐️ These records are strictly made for smooth mixers, illusionists, ninjas and to make your 5 fingers of death strike fear in opponents with your striking pose ⭐️ Just ask Chuck Norris... Limited Edition records. 1st 2 shapes of 4 available now, Collect them all! ⭐️ May the #weaponsofwax protect you ⭐️ (Gong Sound)

Warning: ⭐️ Made for mixing and looking like stars! ⭐️ Do not Skratch with these unless you are a smooth pro black belt drive dj ⭐️ cuz your needle will K.O. if you’re not like water my friend! ⭐️ We’re not responsible if you don’t train hard and break something! ⭐️ .

Forged by Serato x thudrumble ⭐️ (Smoke bombs not included) ⭐️

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