Low Leaf - Baker
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Low Leaf

Baker's Dozen

LP / Nowy

A1. Heart Chakram
A2. Vetiver
A3. Sup God
A4. Innermission
A5. Innersound Oddity
A6. Tailz
B1. O’ahu
B2. Distant Feathers Coalesce
B3. Black Earthsong
B4. Pure Satisfaction
B5. Nu Era
B6. Entrodabata
B7. Dusty Stringz
Opis produktu

The 12th installment of Fat Beats’ celebrated instrumental series, featuring harpist, pianist, guitarist and producer Low Leaf.
"Not all creation is inspired. It is the Spirit of Life that gives breath to a chord, a texture, a space to explore. Pure inspiration is a direct translation from the cosmic symphony that our collective heart beats to. It is the essence of all that is true, whole, and free.
Being planted in the periphery of Los Angeles, I have witnessed the musical landscape’s ever-evolving terrain from a spiritual perspective. I’ve come to learn the gravity of music’s inherent healing quality through life experiences; the ones that have tilled the soil of my being, season after season.
By way of meditation and prayer / listening and speaking, we are capable of connecting to endless musical realms within. These are sounds that forever feel familiar, for they bring the spirit home; the return to peace and understanding.
My dream is to live as music to the best of my ability, so that the Spirit of Life may use my voice as an instrument for God’s glory.
create or die"

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