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Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision [CD]


3rd Eye Vision

CD / Nowy


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01. Intro
02. You Never Knew
03. All Things
04. Casual
05. The Who
06. Dune Methane
07. Phesto D
08. At The Helm
09. The Last One
10. Tajai
11. Oakland Blackouts
12. Mics Of the Roundtable
13. See Delight
14. Pep Love
15. Off The Record
16. A-Plus
17. After Dark
18. Opio
19. No Nuts
20. Del
21. One Life One Love
22. Miles To The Sun
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Deluxe reissue celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Hieroglyphics’ first studio album released in 1998. 6 panel jackets with expansive liner notes written by David Ma (Pitchfork, Wax Poetics, The Guardian, Rolling Stone) plus bonus tracks!

1998 was a fertile year defined by juggernaut projects from Black Star, Lauren Hill, Outkast, and others, all of whom synced experimentation with foundational tenets that made the 1990s ferociously groundbreaking.

Out of Oakland, California, a collective known as Hieroglyphics were positioning away from industry control, to helm their own assets in manners more suited to their own marketing self-vision. While artists have certainly went solo prior, this came at a critical juncture for the crew during a spiraling and newfound Internet world. Born out of this independent spirit was the crew’s first official studio album 3rd Eye Vision.

The album spans twenty-two songs, all featuring beats by Domino who manned the lion’s share of production. A-Plus, Opio, Del, Casual, and Phesto also contributed beats. MCs each had their own song, short interludes highlighting their individuality through short verses, a clear espirit de corps statement.

Even among standouts like “Oakland Blackouts” or “At The Helm,” perhaps the most celebrated song off the release is “You Never Knew,” a track that propelled 3rd Eye Vision to #88 on the Billboard Top 200, not an entirely easy feat as a new label competing with the late ‘90s’ abundant onslaught of classic material.

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