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VA - Musique Ambiante Francaise Vol. 2 [2LP]


Musique Ambiante Francaise Vol. 2

2LP / Nowy

A1. Ojard Et Jean Ray - Une Barque
A2. Jackson & His Computer Band - Romantico
A3. Fille Unique - Elle Reve De Mars
A4. Le Comte - Bye Bye
B1. Krikor - Looker
B2. Ashburn County - Ghosts In The Battlefields
B3. Bun - Fatblwhut48
C1. Trypheme - Pierre's Birthday
C2. Destiino - Like Love
C3. Felicia Atkinson - Amber's Desire
C4. Pierre Rousseau - Anonyme
D1. Villeneuve & Morando - Constant
D2. Bambounou - Self Stockholm Syndrome
D3. Iueke - Of The Dust
D4. Smagghe & Cross - Ressac
Opis produktu

While the first volume of Tigersushi’s new compilation series showcased a rather cosmic and synth heavy side of all things ambient, this volume 2 goes in many new directions, with more experiments towards electro=acoustics and musique concrete, another side of ambient that has a long French lineage - the term Musique Concrete, a type of « acousmatic » music was invented by pioneer Pierre Schaeffer in 1948 who influenced numerous other French composers such as Pierre Henry, Laurent Bayle etc.Once again, Tigersushi asked artist across the electronic music spectrum, not necessarily familiar with ambient music, to create a track for the compilation: some are already famous for their avant grade work like Felicia Atkinson, Le Comte, Smagghe and Cross… Others come from very different backgrounds and made their first beat-less track: Louisahhh, Bambounou, DyE, Pierre Rousseau (ex Paradis), Destiino (aka Yuksek)… The sound ranges from analog synth bliss (Le Comte, Pierre Rousseau, Destiino…) to anxious electronics (Krikor, Bambounou, Ashburn County, Dark Mark), from emotional minimalism (Trypheme, Bun, 67yarc) to neoclassical electro acoustic experiments (Ojard and Jean Ray, Villeneuve and Morando, Numerus Aurus, Jackson…). The human voice makes an appearance here and there (Louisahhh, Felicia Atkinson)…

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