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VA - Alternative Funk: Volume 1 [LP]
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Alternative Funk: Volume 1

LP / Nowy

A1. Stanislas Noel & Jean-Christophe Utz - Money Money
A2. Scoop! - Caravan
A3. Son Of Sam - Anti Apartheid
A4. From Raushenberg - About Fritz
A5. Fist Of Facts - Fire Breath
A6. Philippe Laurent - Rapide
A7. Vox Populi & Man - Alternative Fresh
B1. Zoohtee - Track 8
B2. Kosa - Nykowe
B3. Randall Kennedy - Smith's Room
B4. The Arms Of Someone New - Cool As Christ
B5. Human Backs - Takayama Rising
B6. ONY - Give It To Me
B7. Vox Populi & Man - Megamix
Opis produktu

Platform 23 launches with the reissue of the seminal Alternative Funk compilation series, presenting a selection of music across 2 volumes. Known for the highly heralded Folie Distinguee" album in 1985, what is often over looked is the fact there accompanied 2 further "Alternative Funk" cassette compilations that same year. Coming within the Audiologie series on Vox Man Records, these "Various Artist" selections were indicative of labels that sprung up in the early 80s around the DIY post-punk scene. As founders of Vox Populi!, Axel Kyrou and Francis Man, working with close associate Pierre Jolivet's (aka Pacific 231) VP 231 label, released a number of cassettes, 7" and LPs between 1982 and 1988, as much to self-release their own music as to push new or contemporary artists. Here then is a snapshot of the Alt Funk albums, selecting songs that avoid recent or upcoming reissues, to dive deep in the series from industrial to cold wave, proto-dub percussion to avant spoken word pieces. Featuring the likes of Son Of Sam, Philippe Laurent, Fist Of Facts - with a long lost first ever recording - and Human Backs, stepping out from semi-cult name dropping to sit alongside unknowns and never heard from again in Scoop!, Kosa, Zoohtee and the wonderful Randall Kennedy. What is apparent is an idiosyncratic nature to the selections. In the same way many independent labels of the time - such as Auxilio De Cientos' Terra Incognita volumes or Final Image's Nightlands - created a label snapshot by pulling together far and wide contributions but retaining an overall 'sound'. The Volume 1 and 2 reissue achieve that, mixing experimental with electro, post punk with noise, to offer more than the sum of their parts - an Alternative Funk. "

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