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Common - Let Love [CD]
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Let Love

CD / Nowy


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01. Good Morning Love
02. HER Love
03. Dwele’s Interlude
04. Hercules
05. Fifth Story
06. Forever Your Love
07. Leaders (Crib Love)
08. Memories Of Home
09. Show Me That You Love
10. My Fancy Free Future Love
11. God Is Love
Opis produktu

"This album is inspired by the book, “Let Love Have The Last Word” which gave me a path to write about things I had never written about before. It forced me to go deeper and because I opened up about so many things in the book, I was charged to go to raw, personal and spiritual places in the music. Production-wise, I knew that the music had to have depth, soul and dimension to it. I wanted the musicianship and the spirit of what live music brings but it also had to have something raw and basement about it. When my team said, "You should do some music revolving around the book.", I just took that energy and went running into my artistry without focusing on anything else. No movies, no commercials, no parties (well, I don’t do that too much anyway) and I just worked on music. So this album is the culmination of this journey, this passion and this Divine Love that I have for one of GOD's greatest gifts - MUSIC.” - Common

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