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Jeff Mills - Sight Sound And Space (+ 50 page hardbook) [3CD]

Jeff Mills

Sight Sound And Space (+ 50 page hardbook)

3CD / Nowy


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A01. Perfecture (CD1: Sight)
A02. Deckard
A03. Le Mer Et C Est Un Caractere
A04. Homing Device
A05. The Never Ending Study
A06. The Drive Home
A07. Parallelism In Fate
A08. Devices
A09. Transformation B (Rotwang S Revenge)
A10. Sleepy Time
A11. Multi-Dimensional
A12. Descending Eiffel Stairs
B01. The Hunter (CD2: Sound)
B02. The Bells
B03. 4Art
B04. The 25th Hour
B05. Growth
B06. Spiral Galaxy
B07. Microb
B08. Jade
B09. Where The Shadows Have Motives
B10. Flying Machines
B11. Compression-Release
B12. Into The Body
B13. The Resolution
B14. Spiral Therapy
C01. Introduction (Phase 1-3 - CD3: Space)
C02. Mercury (Residue mix)
C03. Unreleased002
C04. Unreleased003
C05. The Industry Of Dreams
C06. Stabilizing The Spin
C07. G-Star
C08. Planet X
C09. The Worker's Party
C10. Daphnis (Keeler S Gap)
C11. Outer Space
C12. Unreleased005
C13. Self-Portrait
C14. Aitken Basin
C15. Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)
C16. Medians
Opis produktu

Given his length of service and the sheer volume of music he's put out, it would be fair to say that a Jeff Mills career retrospective is well overdue. Happily, as "best of" compilations go, "Sight, Sound & Space" is up there with the best. The three discs boast no less than 42 tracks plucked from Mills archives - and those of his Axis Records imprint - with the accompanying 50-page booklet containing detailed commentary on each by the man himself. It's a superb package for both fans and newcomers alike, with the decidedly intergalactic and alien-sounding tracks perfectly summarizing the breadth and depth of his far-sighted work (think Motor City techno anthems, heavy loop jams, sci-fi fuelled electronic soundscapes, neo-classical soundtrack comp, heady ambient works and early morning minimalist club jams).

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