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Jeff Mills - Chronicles Of Possible Worlds (CD + DVD + book) [CD+DVD]

Jeff Mills

Chronicles Of Possible Worlds (CD + DVD + book)

CD+DVD / Nowy


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A1. Starlight Transmission"
A2. An Alternative To Earth"
A3. Solar System Context"
A4. The Gemini Pulsar"
A5. Searching The Stars"
A6. The Possibility Of Other Earths"
A7. Tales From Extra Solar"
A8. Transit Detections"
A9. Lyra Constellations"
A10. Planetary Habital Zones"
A11. Dreams Beyond Our Horizon"
B1. Chronicles Of Possible Worlds" (DVD)
Opis produktu

The theme of "Chronicles Of Impossible Worlds" is exoplanets, new planets discovered starting in 1995 which revolve around a star outside our solar system. Mixing music, dance and visuals, this creative work testifies to the advances of science and hints at the existence of possible other worlds. Following a period of investigation and a meeting with researchers from the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory, Mills chose to focus on six planets (Wasp 12b, 13b, 14b, 15b, 16b and 17b). Their specific physical and structural properties were then translated through music, sound, images and dance.
Together with Mills, the choreographer Alexandre Riccoli created a roaming choreography spread out across the Vasarely Foundation that explores the correspondence between the physical properties of these planets and choreography's own "body states". The show's soundtrack, composed by Mills, is broadcast by the dancers' costumes (designed by Berlin designer Anke Bruns) that are equipped with speakers. The music, the different sonic trajectories, the dancers and the public ambling freely through the halls can spacialize, orbit, or even fuse in the naves of the Foundation.

22 page, 20cmx20cm hard cover booklet. Including texts by Jeff Mills, the astrophysicists etc, artworks related to the projects, photos of dance rehearsals. CD/DVD are attached inside the book. French and English Language

Making of "Chronicles Of Impossible Worlds". Including commentaries from Jeff Mills, the organiser of the event, the choreographer, the astrophysicists etc and scenes from the dance rehearsals. Runtime: 45mins (no region)

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