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James Reese - Wait For Me (The Complete Works 1967-1972) [2LP]
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James Reese / The Progressions

Wait For Me (The Complete Works 1967-1972)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. One Girl
A2. It's Got Soul
A3. The Mess
A4. Wait For Me
A5. Gee Wiz (Instrumental)
A6. Let's Go (It's Summertime)
A7. Jody's Freeze
A8. Throwing Stones (Kenny Dope Mix)
B1. It's Not But So Much Love Can Do
B2. I'll Find A True Love
B3. How Can I Make It (Instrumental)
B4. He'll Never Go
B5. Fool For Love
B6. Joker, Where Did You Come From
C1. Throwing Stones (45 Version)
C2. Gee Whiz (Vocal)
C3. How Can I Make It (Instrumental)
C4. Throwing Stones (45 Version - Instrumental)
C5. Throwing Stones (Kenny Dope Mix - Instrumental)
C6. Let's Go (It's Summertime - Alternate)
D1. Gee Whiz (Instrumental - No Horn Overdubs)
D2. Throwing Stones (Instrumental - No Horn Overdubs)
D3. How Can I Make It (Instrumental - No Horn Overdubs)
D4. Gee Whiz (Instrumental - No String Overdubs)
D5. Throwing Stones (Instrumental - No String Overdubs)
D6. How Can I Make It (Instrumental - No String Overdubs)
D7. Gee Whiz (Instrumental - Rhythm Section Only)
D8. Throwing Stones (Instrumental - Rhythm Section Only)
Opis produktu

The complete works, including newly discovered recordings, by South Carolinian funk/soul bandleader James Reese, a jazz-inflected producer as ambitious as he was talented. Trombonist, bandleader, songwriter, arranger and producer James Reese never issued an album with his Progressions band, only a series of 45s – some under his own name, some under that of his collaboraors – out of Spartanburg, South Carolina on his Najma label, from the late 1960s until the mid 1970s. He was as ambitious as he was talented, and his ouevre ranges from brutal, deep soul to sophisticated instrumental ballads to jazz-inflected funk.
Now-Again’s Egon first discovered Reese’s music on a 24 lock-in in Concord, North Carolina’s legendary record and antique clock repository, Ye Olde Clock Shoppe, in 1999. After he tracked down Reese, he officially reissued two of Reese’s songs on his seminal Stones Throw anthology The Funky 16 Corners. He later issued more of Reese’s music on the Now-Again anthology Loving On The Flipside. Sourced from rare 45s and multi-track master tapes, Wait For Me: The Complete Works 1967-1972 presents both issued and recently-rediscovered songs in the full-length format, in a cohesive set that shows the brilliance still arising from the American soul and funk sub-strata. Included among them is a remix of the track “Throwing Stones” from longtime Now-Again associate Kenny Dope. Also comes bundled with an extensive booklet detailing the trajectory of Reese and his band. Download card for WAV files included with the LP.

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