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VA - J-Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 - 1983 Vol. 2 [3LP]
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J-Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 - 1983 Vol. 2

3LP / Nowy

A1. Makoto Terashita Meets Harold Land - Dragon Dance
A2. Kohsuke Mine Quinte - Daguri
B1. Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet - Distant Thunder
B2. Hideto Sasaki & Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet + 1 - Stop Over
C1. Miyasaka + 5 - Animals Garden
C2. George Kawaguchi Big Four - Vietnam
C3. Hiroshi Matsumoto & Hideo Ishikawa Quartet - Serenade To A Dimly Lit Street
D1. Electro Keyboard Orchestra - Mother Of The Future
D2. Teru Sakamoto Trio - Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys)
D3. Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd - Fallout (With Masahiko Sato)
E1. Makoto Terashita - Dai Hosaku (Great Harvest)
E2. Takashi Miyasaka Quintet - Straight Road
F1. Nobuo Hara & His Sharps & Flats Orchestra - Little Giant
F2. Akira Miyazawa - Brown Trout
Opis produktu

Following the sell-out success of our landmark compilation, J Jazz: deep modern jazz from Japan 1969-1984, BBE Music is thrilled to present another exploration into the very finest Japanese modern jazz.J Jazz 2 builds on the solid foundation of the first compilation and sees co-compilers Tony Higgins and Mike Peden once again pick choice sections from their own record collections. They present a deep dive into an intoxicating and beguiling range of styles: from cinematic roaring big-band (Little G by Nobuo Hara) and sparse minimal acoustic funk (Teru-Teru Bozo by Teru Sakamoto), to deep spiritual modal epics (Dragon Dance by Makoto Terashita and Harold Land) and funk fusion (Mother of the Future by Electro Keyboard Orchestra). J Jazz 2 delivers more astonishing high quality jazz that will appeal the old school hard-core jazz head as much as those digging the current sounds of the current vibrant jazz explosion in the UK and USA.The specially chosen tracks on J Jazz volume two span across 25 years of Japanese musical progression and invention. From the elegiac stark beauty of Serenade to a Dimly Lit Street and the modal vortex of Daguri, to the fierce post-bop freedom of Bull Trout and the mid-tempo bossa lilt of Vietnam, there is enough here to satisfy the most curious and demanding jazz fan seeking something extra special. J Jazz 2 is available across all formats.

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