Pigeondust - Way Back When [2LP]
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Way Back When

2LP / Nowy

A1. Intro
A2. Chienowa
A3. Class
A4. Dummies
A5. Kan-nana Street
A6. Magicnight (feat. Ozoyo)
A7. Cuttape
A8. Spiral Beat
A9. Skit
B1. Intro 2
B2. Sky
B3. Altona
B4. Maze
B5. Jazzloop A
B6. M-v-g-i
B7. Jazzloop B
B8. Reminiscence
B9. Home
B10. Mektup
C1. Intense (feat. DRWN)
C2. Nothing But Jazz Loops
C3. Wave
C4. Jazzloop C
C5. Sunnyday
C6. Jazzloop D
C7. Rain
C8. Jazzloop E
C9. Jazzloop F
C10. Struggle
D1. Back In The Days
D2. B-Boy Blue (Long Version)
D3. Numero 3
D4. Skaters
D5. Keep On
D6. Fiesta
D7. 1973
Opis produktu

“For me, sampling is like a collaboration,” says DJ Yuta Yamaoka, better known to global beatheads as Pigeondust. Residing in Chiba, Japan, Pigeondust spends his days either vinyl-digging or sourcing samples — that is, creating sonic collaborations — from his discoveries. Pigeondust is also a member of the EN TOKYO crew, representing a new generation of Japanese beat-makers who draw from a large variety of genres. In 2015, Pigeondust joined Cold Busted with his fantastic album Moon, Wisdom & Slackness. He now follows up with an ambitious double album titled Way Back When. Way Back When explores a galaxy of hip hop styles throughout its whopping 36 cuts. The vibe is gritty and street-smart, samples from jazz, funk, world music, and other pathways poured into one groovable stew. “Chienowa” sets the tone with its tough beat, funk bass pops, and fly-by musical riffs. “Spiral Beat” is also notable for its arpeggiated jazz loop that shifts into gentle ‘70s piano soul. And the collaborations aren’t exclusive with samples — Turkish producer Ozoyo joins Pigeondust for the drum-twisting nature walk of “Magicnight,” and Swiss producer DRWN. appears on cut-up jazz jam “Intense.” There’s much to explore here. The album is available from Cold Busted on double vinyl, its packaging a loving homage to Yo! MTV Raps and its sought-after trading cards. Each album comes with a Pigeondust trading card complete with artist photo and vital stats. Represent.

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