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Acoustic High-End Research - Strada Professional Sound Effects 2020 (180g) [LP]
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Acoustic High-End Research

Strada Professional Sound Effects 2020 (180g)

LP / Nowy


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A1. Electronic Sweeps"
A2. Sea Side Ambience"
A3. Urban Structure"
A4. Nature Ensemble"
A5. Air Raid Siren" (Synchronizes with 125 BPM)
A6. NYPD" (Synchronizes with 125 BPM)
A7. 125 BPM Adjuster"
B1. Electronic Sweeps"
B2. Kaminari"
B3. Aquasphere"
B4. Acid Child" (Synchronizes with 125 BPM)
B5. Jet Travels"
B6. Prophet Wind"
B7. Sonar Signal" (Synchronizes with 125 BPM)
B8. Disco Bomber" (Synchronizes with 125 BPM)
B9. 125 BPM Adjuster"
Opis produktu

RB presents: Strada Sound Effects! That's what you all have been waiting for: a record with nothing but sound tools. It pretty much does what it says: sirens, wind, water, ambience, and kids on LSD hysterically laughing. Isn't that great? Speaking of those laughing kids. That's what caught our attention during a warm and cozy Plastic People night with Âme's Kristian. Blessed with an original copy of this record released via Kobe's honorable Strada Records store, an email attempt in purchasing a copy ended up in a re-issue agreement as the initial run of approximately 300 copies was long lost and gone. On top of it, Kristian lost his in one of these nasty "airport baggage clerks DJ robbery" incidents.
You can use it for intros, outros, mixes, tricks and the likes. Plus: Danny "The Dancer" Wang explains in his scientific and lyrical liner notes why YOU have to acquire this record in an 180g heavy plate edition with nice artwork as per usual. Limited, precious and strictly bound to wax. No downloads! Sorry, digi kids!

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