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VA - The World Of Keith Haring [2CD]
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VA / Keith Haring

The World Of Keith Haring

2CD / Nowy


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CD1_01. B Beat Girls - "For The Same Man"
CD1_02. Damon Harris - "It's Music"
CD1_03. Pylon - "Danger"
CD1_04. The Jonzun Crew - "Pak Man"
CD1_05. Funk Masters - "Love Money"
CD1_06. John Sex - "Bump & Grind It"
CD1_07. Sylvester - "Over & Over" (12" Disco mix)
CD1_08. The Girls - "Jeffrey I Hear You"
CD1_09. Johnny Dynell & New York 88 - "Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock)"
CD1_10. Talking Heads - "I Zimbra"
CD1_11. Art Zoyd - "Sortie 134" (part 2)
CD2_01. Class Action - "Weekend" (Larry Levan mix)
CD2_02. Adiche - "Chuka-Ja (Get Ready)"
CD2_03. The Girls - "The Elephant Man"
CD2_04. The Golden Flamingo Orchestra - "The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us"
CD2_05. Gray - "Cut It Up High Priest"
CD2_06. Extra T's - "ET Boogie"
CD2_07. Convertion - "Let's Do It"
CD2_08. Yoko Ono - "Walking On Thin Ice"
CD2_09. Fab 5 Freddy - "Change The Beat"
Opis produktu

In collaboration with Tate Liverpool, Soul Jazz Records release this stunning new collection entitled The World of Keith Haring featuring music influential to the artist Keith Haring including Fab 5 Freddy, Yoko Ono, Gray (Jean-Michel Basquiat’s group), The Jonzun Crew, Larry Levan, Talking Heads, Sylvester, Johnny Dynell and many others.

The World of Keith Haring coincides with the presentation of the first major exhibition in the UK of Keith Haring’s work at Tate Liverpool on now.

The album comes in deluxe artwork and three formats: Double CD + 48-page book; 3xLP + download vinyl version. All formats of the album feature original photography, extensive sleevenotes and interviews.

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