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Tricky - Fall To Pieces (Red Vinyl Edition) [LP]


Fall To Pieces (Red Vinyl Edition)

LP / Nowy

False Idols / K7S391LPI / Data premiery: 2020-09-04

Headz / Broken Beats

A1. Thinking Of (feat. Marta)
A2. Close Now (feat. Marta)
A3. Running Off (feat. Oh Land)
A4. I'm In The Doorway (feat. Oh Land)
A5. Hate This Pain (feat. Marta)
B1. Chills Me To The Bone (feat. Marta)
B2. Fall Please (feat. Marta)
B3. Take Me Shopping (feat. Marta)
B4. Like A Stone (feat. Marta)
B5. Throws Me Around (feat. Marta)
B6. Vietnam (feat. Marta)
Opis produktu

Tricky continues to be productive in Berlin, dropping an album every two years now for some time - while also working on establishing is own label False Idols. Last year saw the release of the labels compilation and his book "Hell Is Round The Corner". With his new album, "Fall To Pieces", he once again proves a lucky hand in finding a singer that fits carrying the vocals, since he does not prefer to do the vocals all the time. Most songs on "Fall To Pieces" are sung by Marta Zlakowska. Some songs featuring her vocals have been released on Trickys digital EP "20,20" a while ago with "Hate This Pain" making the album, too. They met on a concert, when Tricky was left without a vocalist. It was the first date of the tour. She saved the tour and Tricky liked her "humble and down to earth" nature. "She just wants to sing", he says. The album was recorded in Tricky's Berlin studio in 2019 and it also features two songs sung by Oh Land.

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