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VA - Interpretations Of Web Web (2LP+MP3) [2LP]
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VA / Web Web

Interpretations Of Web Web (2LP+MP3)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Web Web, Glammerlicious - The Oracle (Glammerlicious Remix)
A2. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Remix)
A3. Web Web, Twit One - Meh Te (Twit One Remix)
A4. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Red Sunrise (Glammerlicious)
A5. Web Web, C-Ras - Unreal Prediction (C-Ras Remix)
A6. Web Web, Harry Crotch - Dada (Harry Crotch Remix)
A7. Web Web, Don Philippe - Safar (Don Philippe Remix)
A8. Web Web, Satyr - Dada (Satyr Remix)
B1. Web Web, Sepalot - The Oracle (Sepalot Remix)
B2. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constellations (Glammerlicious Dark Forest Remix)
B3. Web Web, Flip - Safar (Flip Remix)
B4. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Remix)
B5. Web Web, L One - Dada (L One Remix)
B6. Web Web, C-Ras - Maroc Blues (C-Ras Remix)
B7. Web Web, C-Ras - Safar (C-Ras Remix)
C1. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constitution Glammerlicious 6/8th Samba Remix
C2. Web Web, L One - Dada (L One Remix)
C3. Web Web, Jan Doe - Agowu (Jan Doe Remix)
C4. Web Web, Ditu - Safar (Ditu Remix)
C5. Web Web, C-Ras - Balini (C-Ras Remix)
C6. Web Web, L One - Unreal Prediction (L One Remix)
C7. Web Web, Goldfingah - Nonviolent Constellations (Goldfingah Remix)
C8. Web Web, Don Philippe - Journey To No End (Don Philippe Remix)
D1. Web Web, L One - Journey To No End (L One Remix)
D2. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constitution (Glammerlicious Cave Remix)
D3. Web Web, Jan Doe - Agowu (Jan Doe Beat Ii Edit)
D4. Web Web, Glammerlicious - King Of Forbidden Lands (Glammerlicious Remix)
D5. Web Web, L One - Nonviolent Constellations (L One Remix)
D6. Web Web, C-Ras - The Ring Part 1 (C-Ras Remix)
D7. Web Web, C-Ras - The Ring Part 4 (C-Ras Remix)
D8. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Unreal Prediction (Glammerlicious The Swarm Remix)
D9. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Deep Remix)
Opis produktu

32 warm, cool, jazzy, crazy, lazy beats.

Web Web is a highly acclaimed band of award winning German jazz musicians, labeled as German jazz super group (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Compost’s best jazz outfit. They have released three albums in three years, since 2018, while the fourth is already recorded and in the pipeline for a winter 2020/21 release.

Last year, in 2019, we were confronted with respected hip hop producers who were sampling Web Web, and shared those beats in the web. Furthermore we were kindly asked by one of these beatmaker if he can use a Web Web jazz sample for his production. That was the initial origin idea to ask several other beatmakers touching hands on Web Web’s great spiritual output.

Since sampling has been becoming a revive state of art in hip hop music again and hip hop producers all around the world, categorized as beatmakers, are releasing tons of cool hip hop beats with warm, jazzy, abstract or obscure samples, we thought it’s a great idea to let some chummy beatmakers touch their hand on Web Web‘s jazz tracks.

As said and done: in the end we‘ve got 32 tracks by 12 famous hip hop beatmakers:

About the beatmakers:

Twit One
From Cologne. One of the big stars of German beat-art scene. He has releases on Meltin’ Pot, Defected (UK), Entourage Business, Money Sex Records, Groove Attack, Redefinition Records (Los Angeles). He also co-own and manage the Groove Attack record shop in Cologne. Producer of international successful project “Flatpockets". He produced nearly everything for Fleur Earth, a in-demand highly acclaimed soul singer from Cologne. Productions and remixes for Sylabil Spill, Audio88, Blu, Miles Bonny, Veedel Kaztro, Juju Rogers, Count Bass D, Eloquent, Suff Daddy, Brouse One, Dexter, Retrogott and Hulk Hodn. Altogether Twit One fetched more than 100.000.000 plays on Spotify.

L One
Munich’s top producer, DJ, rapper and founder member of the hip hop outfits ATP Crew and Weltuntergäng. He released two albums on Beat Art Department, as well as on 58Beats, Bumm Clack and Tieftonkultur. His greatest success was the Farska LP with 3.000.000 plays @ Spotify.

Dj and producer from Munich, best known as the DJ behind the successful outfit Blumentopf. Beside Blumentopf he is a great unique DJ, producer remixer for more than 20 years, has several solo albums released, dozens of remixes and productions made while recently he is focused on his live band Sepalot Quartet with two albums out, one in 2019 and the new „Nownext“ released in 2020.

Austria´s if not Europe´s superstar, producer, rapper, and mastermind of Austrian rap band Texta. He won various „Amadeus“ awards, has frequent chart entries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, three Top Ten Album in Charts in Austria. He produced, remixed and was featured artist (just the well known projects) for Blumentopf, Fiva MC, Main Concept, Tristes, Urbs, Total Chaos, Ed O.G, Rass Kass, AG, Elzhi, Phat Kat, Kef Brown, LMNO, Big Tone, Guilty Simpson, Killah Priest, Heem Stogied, Attwenger, Skero, Daniel Mendoza. Wow ! His solo album „Reflections“ was released in the USA by Ill Adrenaline Records and his brand new album „Experiences“ was just released end of May 2020 on Beat Art Department.

Harry Crotch
Best known as battle rapper, producer and key figure of Munich’s hiphop beats scene. On the online battle format „dltlly“ which stands for „Don‘t Let The Label Label You“ Harry Crotch always fetching the 1Million mark with his rhymes.

Legendary figure in Germany’s scene for more then 30 years. Producer of rap band Main Concept, with several chart entries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He remixed and produced for Beginner, Massive Töne, Eins Zwo, Dendemann, Fettes Brot, MC Rene, Spax, Fiva MC, Venus Melone, Faf Larage, Blumentopf, Gentleman, Wasi, Roger Rekless, Sara Lugo, Sadat X, Get Open, Von Meister, Missin' Linx, Craig G, Bush Babies, Grand Agent, Dead Prez, Ulises Quiñones, Omar Musa, Soweto Kinch, Blakkamoore. He is also known under his alias Glam.

His parents are both professionell classic musicians playing for Münchner Philharmoniker. Ditu himself has also a classical music education, but also loves hip hop, beats and beats. Before he named himself ditu, he released under the name D-Fekt, for example on 58Beats. He is also the chief-booking agent of Milla club in Munich.

Don Philippe
Producer of Germany‘s famous Freundeskreis in coop with Max Herre and DJ Friction. They earned several gold status with Freundeskreis. Also his beat productions and remixes for Die Fantastischen Vier, Thomas D, Menelik, Gentleman, Hausmarke, Joy Denalane, Laura López Castro, Afrob, Beginner, Massive Töne, Mellowbag are top notch.

Young talented producer from Munich, just signed by Figub Brazlevic's label Krekpek Records.

Initiator of the in demand Drop Beats Not Bombs sampler series.

Jan Doe
Young Beat maker and collector of old samplers and synthesisers from Lübeck, Germany.

About Web Web
Roberto Di Gioia has worked with numerous jazz legends, including Woody Shaw, Art Farmer, James Moody, Johnny Griffin, Charlie Rouse, Clifford Jordan, Clark Terry, Roy Ayers, Gregory Porter and many more. In the early 1990s, he became a member of Klaus Doldingers Passport. As a pianist he made recordings with Udo Lindenberg (MTV-Unplugged,2011), Charlie Watts ("Music Of The Rolling Stones," 2005), Console ("Reset The Preset," 2003), The Notwist ("Shrink" 1998, "Neon Golden," 2002).

Since 2007 he's been working together with Samon Kawamura and Max Herre as KAHEDI:
Max Herre ("Hallo Welt," 2012), Joy Denalane ("Gleisdreieck," 2017), and many more. His band MARSMOBIL has released four studio albums so far.

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