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Pete Josef - Colour (Limited Splatter Vinyl) [LP]

Pete Josef

Colour (Limited Splatter Vinyl)

LP / Nowy


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A1. Spring At Last
A2. Mistress
A3. Night Gospel
A4. Running In Series
A5. Many Signs
A6. Something Good
B1. Move On
B2. Live Your Live
B3. The Travelling Song
B4. Hope
B5. Colour
Opis produktu

Limited edition repress of the debut album by Pete Josef from 2015.

A heartfelt, genre-bending combination of jazz, soul, pop, and electro, UK singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pete Josef releases his debut album “Colour”.

The title Pete Josef picked for his debut full-length just couldn’t be more appropriate: Like a found collection of analogue photographs, sepia-tinged and covering some beautiful, intense trip, the essence of “Colour” indeed lies in its manifold shades and hues, the colourfully rich and warm soundscapes the singer, songwriter and producer presents throughout the album. At home in various genres – from jazz to soul, from downbeat to outright pop –, Pete Josef just knows how to capture the warm glow of different spheres, how to present this special kind of light in various unique frames: “Colour” is comprised of 11 sonic snapshots, and one can tell right away how deeply personal they are, how much room he’s given these ideas to mature over time.

It’s easily the soundtrack to this year’s Indian summer: “Colour” refracts and pools the warm afterglow of many years, and it burns brighter with each listen.

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