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Masta Ace - A Breukelen Story: Instrumentals (BF RSD) [2LP]
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Masta Ace / Marco Polo

A Breukelen Story: Instrumentals (BF RSD)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Kings
A2. Dad's Talk" (skit) (0:48)
A3. Breukelen 'Brooklyn'" (feat Smif 'N' Wessun) (4:04)
A4. Get Shot
B1. Still Love Her
B2. Man Law" (feat Styles P) (4:00)
B3. You & I
B4. Gotta Go" (skit) (0:39)
B5. Sunken Place
C1. Corporal Punishment" (feat Elzhi) (3:26)
C2. Landlord Of The Flies" (skit) (0:41)
C3. Count Em Up" (feat Lil Fame Of MOP) (3:49)
C4. American Me
C5. The Cutting Room" (skit) (0:47)
C6. God Bodies" (feat Trini Boy) (3:05)
D1. Wanna Be" (feat Marlon Craft) (3:57)
D2. Three" (feat EMC) (3:09)
D3. The Fight Song" (feat Pharoahe Monch) (3:50)
D4. Mom's Talk" (skit) (0:49)
E1. Eat" (feat Evidence) (3:47)
E2. Masta Polo
E3. Sunken Place" (remix) (3:41)
E4. YBI" (The Drum Majors remix) (3:35)
F1. EAT" (instrumental) (3:47)
F2. Masta Polo" (instrumental) (2:53)
F3. Sunken Place" (instrumental - remix) (3:43)
F4. YBI" (instrumental - The Drum Majors remix) (3:34)
Opis produktu

A random meeting and a beat CD resultantly birthed A Breukelen Story, a collaborative release between the venerable veteran Masta Ace and the incredibly detailed and prolific producer Marco Polo. Fourteen tracks with prominent guests (Pharoahe Monch on “The Fight Song”, for example) all strung through with Ace’s signature skits and interludes framing the music and telling the story of Polo manifesting his vision as a NY transplant via Toronto pursuing his dream of being a renowned record producer. The Instrumental version of the album, released for RSD Black Friday on gray vinyl, features Polo’s pastiche-style boom-bap as the drum-driven centerpiece.

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