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VA - Soul Togetherness 2020 [2LP]
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Soul Togetherness 2020

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Tower Of Power - "Addicted To You"
A2. Carmichael Musiclover - "Pure Sweetness"
A3. DW3 - "Never Gonna Stop"
A4. Lou Draws - "Come Over"
B1. Charlie Wilson - "Forever Valentine"
B2. Will Downing - "Right Where You Are"
B3. Super DB - "Kool Funk" (Chris Bangs extended remix)
B4. JB Rose - "Back To Love"
C1. Johnny Baker - "It's Your Night"
C2. Randy Hall - "A Beautiful Dream"
C3. Cool Million - "Keep On" (feat Matthew Winchester - Boogie Back remix)
C4. The Weather Girls - "Stand Up" (Rob Hardt mix)
D1. Sam Wills - "Undercover"
D2. PrivatProject - "Don't Walk That Way" (feat Stefanie S - Chic A Delic Xtended mix)
D3. Paprika Soul - "Standing Right Here"
Opis produktu

Expansion’s most successful and longest running compilation series returns with its 2020 collection. It’s the 20th Anniversary edition. The concept remains, the tracks better than ever, fifteen must-have modern soul room gems telling the story of the past 12 months. Tracks here have topped UK soul charts including many that have not been available in all formats. Participants this year include Charlie Wilson (biggest dancefloor spin before lockdown), Tower of Power, Will Downing, Randy Hall, JB Rose The Weather Girls, and Sam Wills all prolific on soul radio through the summer with other artists delivering signature songs of 2020. Then there’s the biggest revival track of the year from Johnny Baker, “It’s Your Night”, the 300 copy limited edition 7” pressing now exchanging hands upwards of £50 a copy.

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