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Linkwood - Face the Facts [LP]
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Linkwood / Other Lands

Face the Facts

LP / Nowy


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A1. Theme For City
A2. First Take
A3. Porty
B1. Face The Facts
B2. 3VSR
B3. Meet In The Middle
C1. Don't Throw It
C2. Gold Leith
C3. Downright
C4. Varial
D1. Shapes
D2. Silver Nows
D3. Up Wrong
Opis produktu

I can't actually remember why we decided to do this project other than ask ourself, why had it not been done years ago? let's do it! Linkwood and Other Lands are well known from their various outings on Firecracker, Night Theatre, The Nuclear Family, Rush Hour, Dekmantel, AOTN and many other labels, both talented musicians and fierce producers. The plan was simple, drop them into the mostly finished Athens of the North studio and cross the streams….

The results are nothing short of spectacular but putting them into words or genres on paper is somewhat of a challenge. Folding modular textures, post-punk, Electro, House and Techno even ending in some lush Balearic business, they have moulded their years of experience and translated it into something new.

What strikes me when listening to the LP is both their voices have come through in this production. Other Lands guitar work and Vocal and Linkwood deep sense of Rhythm and structure. The recording of this LP was just pre-covid which seems strange as it fits now so well. Like a dream of what it would be like to be out In the city night in all its different factions.

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