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Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - AXIOM [2LP]
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Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah


2LP / Nowy


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A1. X Adjuah (I Own The Night)
A2. Guinnevere
B1. Songs She Never Heard
B2. Sunrise In Beijing
B3. Diaspora
B4. Introductions
C1. Incarnation (Chief Adjuah Idi Of The Xodokan)
C2. Huntress (For Cara)
D1. He Last Chieftain (For Big Chiefs Donald Harrison Sr & Jr)
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Axioms are essentially postulates from which an abstractly defined structure is based, a statement or proposition which is regarded as self-evidently true…Axioms serve as starting points for further reasoning and arguments. It’s difficult to find a more appropriate correlative to Jazz and Expansive Music.. Stretch Music, especially in a Live setting.’ (Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)

March 10th, 2020 was five short months that seemed a lifetime ago. Chief Adjuah and his band were in a familiar place during an unfamiliar circumstance - New York City’s famed Blue Note as Covid19 uncertainty gripped the world. The chief, determined to stay the course and cognizant of risks, made the decision to press on and play. Much of Adjuah’s music thematically orbits ideas of the enduring power and courage of the individual and collective spirits. He, nor his septet would depart the venue without leaving as much strength and energy to the people as they could. Little did they (or we) know, this would be the last show for some time. Capturing this moment was precious; even more so now in the wake of the devastation of current events.

AXIOM is Chief Adjuah’s latest live recording and third live album. AXIOM is a blistering set showcasing his Stretch Music group concept. The riveting live recording is rooted in the intellection of listening as the primary conduit for understanding and narrative in sound, pointedly contrasting the energy and sound design of his studio albums. The document features flautist Elena Pinderhughes, Grammy nominated saxophonist Alex Han, djebefola Weedie Braimah, pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Kris Funn and drummer Corey Fonville.

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