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Gunship - Dark All Day (Transparent Purple MC + Bonustrack) [kaseta]


Dark All Day (Transparent Purple MC + Bonustrack)

kaseta / Nowy


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A1. Woken Furies
A2. Dark All Day (feat Timmy Cappello & Indiana)
A3. When You Grow Up Your Heart Dies
A4. The Drone Racing League
A5. Rise The Midnight Girl
A6. Thrasher
A7. Black Blood Red Kiss (feat Kat Von D)
B1. Time After Time
B2. Honour Among Thieves
B3. Art3mis & Parzival (feat Stella La Page)
B4. Symmetrical
B5. Cyber City
B6. The Gates Of Disorder
B7. The Drone Racing League (VHS Glitch Remix)
Opis produktu

GUNSHIP describe themselves as a neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with luscious analogue synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984. ‘Dark All Day’, the bands sophomore album, sees them build on the success of their 2015 eponymous long player, furthering their reputation as pioneers of the synthwave scene and continuing the 80’s retro revival theme. For fans of Drive, Stranger Things, Ready Player One and arcade games. Created by Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway and Alex Gingell, GUNSHIP is more of a story than a soundtrack, written large across an eighties action cinema screen with genre inspired clips accompanying their releases with videos to date clocking up over 12 Million views on Youtube so far. As with its predecessor ‘Dark All Day’ features various artists from the bands world including Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory / Star Trek / Stand By Me), Kat Von D (celebrity model, make-up mogul and tattooist) and the original ‘Lost Boy’ Timmy Capello who plays sax on the album’s title track.

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