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JB Hanak - Une Derniere Fois OST (Limited Green & Yellow Gatefold Splattered Vinyl) [LP]
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JB Hanak

Une Derniere Fois OST (Limited Green & Yellow Gatefold Splattered Vinyl)

LP / Nowy


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A1. Une Premiere Fois
A2. Salome
A3. Salome & Jean-Baptiste
A4. Mickael & Sandra
A5. Sandra & Mickael
B1. Mickael
B2. Salome & Jerome
B3. Salome & Sandra
B4. Fleur & Max
Opis produktu

The music of porn movies of the 70s became the fad of diggers and Brigitte Lahaie an absolute icon of these years marked by sexual liberation. In 2020, feminist filmmaker Olympe de G. is embarking on the production of an inclusive and ethical post-porn feature. Brigitte Lahaie, 64, activist for the right to die with dignity, plays the main role, driven by her deep desire to free the bodies and sexualities of women of her age. This film is certainly one of the most beautiful porn movies of the icon Brigitte Lahaie.  
The soundtrack of the film is entrusted to Jb Hanak. A figure in the musical underground, this hyperactive has been multiplying projects for more than 20 years. With the group dDamage he formed with his brother Fred, he explored the frontiers of Hip Hop, IDM and electro. With Cobra, a punk rock group to be taken to the 14th degree, they crossed the lands of the absurd. At the end of 2020, he will release an album with actor Pierre Richard. At the same time, he exhibits his plastic works in art galleries ... hyperactive we have said.  
For this soundtrack, Jb Hanak surrounded himself with his little brother Cédric Hanak and invited the singer Zoé Wolf for the song of the credits pop song style to the synthesizer full of reverie. The rest of the soundtrack is a series of crossed portraits between all the characters in the film. Often hovering instrumentals imbued with emotion. Synthesizers and electric guitar layers revisit melodies that evoke the music of Philippe Sarde by tipping them towards Tortoise or Klaus Schulze. Reverie and emotion are above all the common thread of this unique and so special soundtrack. The disc will be pressed in limited edition.  
Presented in a gatefold sleeve with a yellow & green vinyl splatter and a photo Brigitte Lahaie in the middle.

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