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Dominique Fils-Aime - Stay Tuned! [LP]
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Dominique Fils-Aime

Stay Tuned!

LP / Nowy


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A1. Good Feeling
A2. Constructive Interference
A3. Where There Is Smoke
A4. There Is Probably Fire
A5. Gun Burial
A6. Big Man Do Cry
A7. Sun Rise
B1. Some Body
B2. 9LRR
B3. Revolution Serenade
B4. Free Dom
B5. Magic Whistle
B6. Joy River
B7. Stay Tuned!
Opis produktu

Dominique Fils-Aimé has been chosen as Radio-Canada Jazz revelation 2019-2020

Stay Tuned!, is Dominique Fils-Aime´’s sophomore album, the follow-up to her debut full length Nameless, part of her trilogy that brings to center stage the resiliency of mankind in the face of adversity and oppression and pays homage to Afro-American history and culture.
In this second recording, containing 15 original songs, Dominique delves into the civil rights movement of the 60s and explores several significant socio-political events which deeply affected the course of black history (Lincoln Hills Country Club, Little Nine Rock, Emmett Till). She honours unsung heroes of the civil liberties movement as well as historical figures of the time such as Rosa Parks, Jose´phine Baker, Lena Horne, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

The album combines elements of soul, Jazz, gospel and blends vocal harmonies, double bass, piano and trumpet over stirring and permuting grooves. Stay Tuned!’s lush vocal arrangements bring out Dominique’s voice as a stand-alone instrument, giving prominence to the words and the message she carries. Part rebellious and fiery, part sentimental and intimate, Dominique embodies afro-american music from then and now, all the while highlighting its defying power in a violent and divisive society.

Breaking away from the standards of traditional compositions, the singer and songwriter presents a body of work focused on liberated musical forms hinting at the spirit of Jazz.
Moving on from the blues-tinged Nameless—which boldly confronted historical silences and sorrows—Stay Tuned! is both a call for and reminder of revolution expressed with the fury of red-hot Jazz.

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