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Flux Pavilion - .wav (Cassette) [kaseta]

Flux Pavilion

.wav (Cassette)

kaseta / Nowy


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A1. Every Cable Goes Somewhere
A2. Survive (feat Feed Me & Meesh)
A3. Flux Pavilion x What So Not (feat What So Not & Chain Gang)
A4. Lion's Cage (feat Nevve)
A5. Partial Fugue In B Minor
A6. Sink Your Teeth In (feat Drowsy)
A7. I Believe (feat Asha)
A8. Twitterbird
B1. Breathe
B2. You & I (feat Kata Kozma)
B3. Symphony (feat Layna)
B4. Fall To Me (feat Spacekdet)
B5. I Will Stay (feat Turin Brakes)
B6. Somebody Else (feat GLNNA)
B7. Endless Fantasy (feat Eli-Rose Sanford)
B8. Love
Opis produktu

The new era of Flux Pavilion is officially here. After celebrating a decade at the forefront of bass music along with Circus Records, it’s time for the artist to take another step forward into fresh and exciting terrain.

‘.wav’ showcases Flux Pavilion in his element with this melodic, synth, and electric guitar-driven 16-track masterpiece. The artist has evolved and grown throughout the years whilst maintaining his trailblazing and innovative spirit. With an array of modular synths, he's taken the analog route for this release.

The Flux Pavilion live experience has changed astronomically, now performing live guitar, synth, and singing during his performances. His new live energy and multi-tasking skills were front and centre in his lockdown performances across the internet in 2020.

‘.wav’ sees the musician show that he is fully at home in brand new territory. Taking on a new challenge has never been something Flux has shied away from and this project proves that.

Both the cassette and vinyl offering come with bespoke artwork throughout. The illustrations are by Jack T Cole, the established graphic novelist behind TARTARUS amongst many others.

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