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Moderat - II (Limited Deluxe Tour Edition) [2CD+DVD]


II (Limited Deluxe Tour Edition)

2CD+DVD / Nowy


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CD1 1. The Mark
CD1 2. Bad Kingdom
CD1 3. Versions
CD1 4. Let In The Light
CD1 5. Milk
CD1 6. Therapy
CD1 7. Gita
CD1 8. Clouded
CD1 9. Ilona
CD1 10. Damage Done
CD1 11. This Time
CD1 12. Last Time (Original Version - Bonus Track)
CD1 13. Last Time (Alternate Mix)
CD1 14. Last Time (Demo Version - Bonus Track)
CD1 15. Bad Kingdom (Robag Wruhme 4/4 Edit - Bonus Track)
CD2 1. The Mark (Instrumental)
CD2 2. Bad Kingdom (Instrumental)
CD2 3. Versions (Instrumental)
CD2 4. Let In The Light (Instrumental)
CD2 5. Milk (Instrumental)
CD2 6. Therapy (Instrumental)
CD2 7. Gita (Instrumental)
CD2 8. Clouded
CD2 9. Ilona
CD2 10. Damage Done (Instrumental)
CD2 11. This Time
CD2 12. Last Time (Instrumental - Bonus Track)
CD2 13. Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix)
CD2 14. Gita (Anstam Dustified Dance Edit Instrumental - Bonus Track)
01. DVD
Opis produktu

CD 1: features the original album plus the new single "Last Time" in three versions. Additionally you'll find a previously unreleased "Bad Kingdom" edit by Robag Wruhme.

CD 2: features the entire original album in instrumental versions. As bonus tracks the disc contains the instrumental version of "Last Time", the Jon Hopkins Remix and a previously unreleased instrumental version of Anstam's Dustified Dance Edit of "Gita".

The Bonus DVD features the two official videos for "Bad Kingdom" and "Last Time", as well as the UNICEF video for "Gita" and a making of for the "Last Time" video. The live impressions of "Versions" give a glance of what to expect from Moderat live, and the Slices interview from the beginning of 2010 simply had to be included as one of the most special interviews in Moderat history.

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