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My Bloody Valentine - EP
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My Bloody Valentine

EP's 1988-1991

2CD / Nowy


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CD1 - 01. You Made Me Realise
CD1 - 02. Slow
CD1 - 03. Thorn
CD1 - 04. Cigarette In Your Bed
CD1 - 05. Drive It All Over Me
CD1 - 06. Feed Me With Your Kiss
CD1 - 07. I Believe
CD1 - 08. Emptiness Inside
CD1 - 09. I Need No Trust
CD1 - 10. Soon
CD1 - 11. Glider
CD1 - 12. Don't Ask Why
CD1 - 13. Off Your Face
CD2 - 01. To Here Knows When
CD2 - 02. Swallow
CD2 - 03. Honey Power
CD2 - 04. Moon Song
CD2 - 05. Instrumental No 2
CD2 - 06. Instrumental No 1
CD2 - 07. Glider (Full Length version)
CD2 - 08. Sugar
CD2 - 09. Angel
CD2 - 10. Good For You
CD2 - 11. How Do You Do It
CD2 - 12. Track 25
CD2 - 13. Track 26
Opis produktu

While it would be fair to say that My Bloody Valentine's most celebrated works are by and large albums, their EPs - and particularly the four released between 1988 and '91 - are every bit as alluring and ground-breaking. For proof, check this fine collection, which not only gathers them together but also adds rare tracks and deep cuts that have long been fan favourites (see the full, 10-minute version of 'Glider', a cacophonous but strangely addictive psychedelic soundscape, and the baggy-but-ghostly 'Instrumental No. 2'). Over the course of the two discs, it's possible to chart the pioneering band's sonic development over a three-year period in which they went from visionary alt-rockers to a band that not only defied categorization, but also played by different rules to their contemporaries.

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