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Motor City Drum Ensemble - Fabric pres. Danilo Plessow / MCDE [CD]
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Motor City Drum Ensemble

Fabric pres. Danilo Plessow / MCDE

CD / Nowy


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01. Intro
02. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Understanding Body Messages
03. SKUAS - Traversee
04. Rhythm & Sound - Music A Fe Rule (feat Paul St Hilaire - part 1)
05. Scientist - In Orbit
06. Recloose - Can't Take It (feat Dwele - Herbert Some Dumb dub)
07. Moogroove - Dark Room
08. Jeroen Vink - Waka Wakah
09. Powder - Random Ladder With 40
10. Danilo Plessow - Nightfall (feat Francesco Geminiani & Peter Schlamb)
11. Proxyan - Sky Walkers
12. Basic-Variation - Decay/Sustain/Release
13. Ciel - Raindance
14. Hypnobeat - Can God Rewind? (part 2)
15. Cabaret Voltaire - Taxi Mutant
16. THE ORDER - EWR (Sex)
17. The Other People Place - It's Your Love
18. Stinkworx - Mnemosyne
19. Roy Davis Jr - Broken Machines
20. Jonny L - This Time (Carl Craig mix 2)
21. Logue - Keep Me From Pain
22. A2 - Rebirth
23. Sansibar - Absence Of Being
24. Family Unit - Freak (House mix)
25. Iridium - Ill America
26. Jean-Claude Petit - Stones Of Law
27. Moonstarr - Detriot
28. John Kongos - I'm Dreaming (Any Moment I May Wake Up Screaming)
Opis produktu

The mix was recorded at the end of 2020 as the planet was struggling with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Danilo Plessow, known best for his work as Motor City Drum Ensemble, inserts statements from friends about the meaning of the music to people in these times, reaching globally for inspiration. He plays with a range of eras, locations and genres with an emphasis on instrumentation. The double vinyl format with download card features eleven full length tracks taken from the compilation. It highlights the rarer cuts across the 70s, 80s and 90s many of which have never before been digitally released. It includes ‘Nightfall’ – Danilo’s exclusive composition with jazz instrumentalists Francesco Geminiani and Peter Schlamb and ‘Taxi Mutant’ by Cabaret Voltaire that has been cut to vinyl for the first time here.

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