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VA - Utopic Cities: Progressive Jazz in Belgium 1968-79 [2CD]


Utopic Cities: Progressive Jazz in Belgium 1968-79

2CD / Nowy


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CD1 - 01. Placebo - "SUS"
CD1 - 02. Solis Lacus - "Utopic Cities"
CD1 - 03. Open Sky Unit - "Open Sky"
CD1 - 04. Brussels Art Quintet - "Vas-y Voir"
CD1 - 05. Koen De Bruyne - "Pathetic Dreams"
CD1 - 06. Raphael - "Archangelo"
CD2 - 01. Philip Catherine - "Memphis Talk"
CD2 - 02. Jacques & Micheline Pelzer Quartet - "Face Reality"
CD2 - 03. The Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band - "Sakara"
CD2 - 04. Marc Moulin - "Tohubohu" (part I)
CD2 - 05. Babs Robert - "Pro Forma I"
CD2 - 06. Lou MacConnell - "Naima"
Opis produktu

On June 11th, independent groove label Sdban Records will release Utopic Cities: Progressive Jazz in Belgium 1968-1979 featuring twelve essential compositions from a highly creative period in Belgian jazz. The release follows Sdban’s critically acclaimed Let’s Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium 1950-1970, released back in 2017.

Utopic Cities is an eclectic selection of forward-thinking jazz from the Belgian underground, including the left-field fusion of Marc Moulin’s Placebo, Koen De Bruyne and Solis Lacus; the intense post-bop of Jacques Pelzer and Lou MacConnell; the cutting edge soul jazz of Philip Catherine and Open Sky Unit or the otherworldly avant-garde of Babs Robert and the Brussels Art Quintet. Recorded in the aftermath of the revolutionary year 1968, this music is the fruit of a highly creative momentum in Belgian jazz history that produced a unique sound which distinguishes itself from its American source of inspiration by an indefinable characteristic that can be hardly better described than ‘Belgian’.

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