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Rebecca Vasmant - With Love, From Glasgow [LP]
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Rebecca Vasmant

With Love, From Glasgow

LP / Nowy


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A1. Start Of Time
A2. Timing's End
A3. Freefall" (feat Nadya Albertsson)
A4. Jewels Of Thought (feat Harry Weir)
B1. Autumn Leaves (feat Emilie Boyd)
B2. Morning (Mourning)
B3. Pride Of Winter
B4. Internal Dispute (feat Paix)
B5. Idealists (outro)
Opis produktu

Having made a name for herself with a residency at Sub Club, Rebeccatook the lead in curating the first live Jazz showcases at the venue, alsorunning a popular record fair with the venerable venue and a spot on BBCRadio Scotland and Worldwide FM. Rebecca also airs this facet of herirrepressible musical passion at key events like Worldwide Festival Sete,Glasgow Jazz Festival, EFG London Jazz Festival, Jazz Cafe London,Kasheme Zurich, Brilliant Corners, Casper Montenegro and the BalticSoul Weekender, and a new residency at Ronnie Scott's as part of the'Panro' collective. While promoting and touring in over 22 countries constantly over the lastfive years, Rebecca has honed her craft on production projects whichfeature world class musicians from The Scottish National JazzOrchestra and more, her talents are not only in spinning records, but incomposing, producing and performing. Though known for its rich musicalheritage, Glasgow is not a city perhaps synonymous with Jazz. However,on ‘With Love, From Glasgow’ this is all about to change, as Rebecca andher cohort of hand picked musicians set out to change people’s opinions.Rebecca explains: “There is such crazy wealth of talent in this city ofGlasgow and I wanted to make an album that helped to demonstrate thisand which captures my own love and passion for deep and spiritual music.This album highlights just some of the exciting things that are happeninghere in Scotland and it's been a real honour and pleasure working with thehugely talented musicians who came together to collaborate in such a freeand beautiful way. During the time spent working on this music anamazing family formed, something for which I am so grateful.”

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