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Adrian Younge - The American Negro [CD]
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Adrian Younge

The American Negro

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01. Revisionist History
02. The American Negro
03. The Black Broadcast
04. Revolutionize
05. Double Consciousness
06. Watch The Children
07. Dying On The Run
08. Intransigence Of The Blind
09. James Mincey Jr
10. Disadvantaged Without A Title
11. Mama (You Will Make It)
12. The Black Queen
13. Margaret Garner
14. Race Is A Fallacy
15. Light On The Horizon
16. A Symphony For Sahara
17. America Is Listening
18. The March On America
19. Paradox Of The Positive
20. The Death March
21. Black Lives Matter
22. Rotten Roses
23. Jim Crow's Dance
24. Patriotic Portraits
25. George Stinney Jr
26. Sullen Countenance
Opis produktu

The American Negro is an unapologetic critique, detailing the systemic and malevolent psychology that afflicts people of color. This project dissects the chemistry behind blind racism, using music as the medium to restore dignity and self-worth to my people. It should be evident that any examination of black music is an examination of the relationship between black and white America. This relationship has shaped the cultural evolution of the world and its negative roots run deep into our psyche. Featuring various special guests performing over a deeply soulful, elaborate orchestration, The American Negro reinvents the black native tongue through this album and it’s attendant short film (TAN) and 4-part podcast (invisible Blackness). The American Negro - both as a collective experience and as individual expressions - is insightful, provocative and inspiring and should land at the center of our ongoing reckoning with race, racism and the writing of the next chapter of American history.

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