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Kid Abstrakt - Jazzy Vibes / Jazzy Vibes Instrumentals [CD]

Kid Abstrakt / Emapea

Jazzy Vibes / Jazzy Vibes Instrumentals

CD / Nowy


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01. Jazz & Coffee, Pt. 4 Feat. DJ Million Faces
02. It's All Good Feat. DJ Million Faces
03. Raw.Lofi Feat. DJ Million Faces
04. Real Talk Feat. Predominance & DJ Million Faces
05. Airplane Mode
06. Next Move Feat. DJ Million Faces
07. Drop It Feat. Innate, Predom & DJ Million Faces
08. Deeper Than Rap
09. Reflecting
10. Late Night Vibe Feat. Young Dreamer
11. Jazz & Coffee Instrumental
12. It's All Good Instrumental
13. Raw.Lofi Instrumental
14. Real Talk Instrumental
15. Airplane Mode Instrumental
16. Next Move Instrumental
17. Drop It Instrumental
18. Deeper Then Rap Instrumental
19. Reflecting Instrumental
20. Late Night Vibe Instrumental
Opis produktu

Kid Abstrakt and Polish beat magician Emapea have teamed up for an intriguing new album called Jazzy Vibes, a throwback to ‘90s Golden Era hip-hop updated with a 2020 spin.

Kid Abstrakt, a Los Angeles native born to a Nicaraguan father and Brazilian mother, formed his first group Revolutionary Rhythm in high school, which ultimately led him to touring with some of his hip-hop heroes, including members of the Pharcyde.

“I fell in love with hip-hop when I first heard A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde,” Abstrakt says. “It was crazy to hear Q-Tip, Pete Rock and J Dilla sample jazz records and have MCs dropping conscious rhymes I could relate to.

“While mainstream hip-hop found different styles throughout the years, we just wanted to make music that was similar to the records we bought back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. We wanted to tell our story over jazz and soul samples.”

As the title suggests, Jazzy Vibes retains the tried-and-true formula of mellow, jazz- infused production and boom bap style rhymes, but Abstrakt’s lyrics are bursting at the seams with deep, introspective musings on his private life delivered in a continuous barrage of flawlessly executed bars.

“The lyrics go beyond just rhyming words and trying to sound hard on a beat,” he explains. “The album dives into days where I struggle to stay positive and find a balance between work and what I love, and almost quitting on my passion because I needed to focus on supporting my family.

“Tomorrow is not promised and my music has helped others through their struggles. It’s deeper than rap and this journey has truly humbled me.”

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