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AFFKT - The Big Picture [2LP]
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The Big Picture

2LP / Nowy


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A1. As Far As We Can Go
A2. Abre Los Ojos (feat E11e)
A3. Calipso
B1. Zambomba (feat Sutja Gutierrez)
B2. The Dream Is Real
B3. End Of The Road
B4. Bloom
C1. Jandia
C2. Nothing's Gonna Change My World
C3. Let It Burn" (feat Sutja Gutierrez)
D1. Torpedo
D2. Ueli
D3. Adios Ayer (with Piek)
Opis produktu

"The title 'The Big Picture' is about seeing things from a positiveperspective, the album wants to be an optimistic pill although a bigreflection of what I have been, what I lived and what I have become atthis very moment. I feel in an age where I feel fine looking at the pastas much as looking forward to the future." -affkt Inspiration strikes in a myriad of waves. AFFKT's new album bringstogether all the best feelings and elements of the Spanish producer'screativity into one cohesive release. New concepts and styles that deliver the energy needed to be released after a forced pause. Sonically speaking 'The Big Picture' is probably his most expansiveand multifaceted electronic-driven album to date. AFFKT's carefullyconstructed retro-futuristic electronica definitely suggests the quaintand unique forms of body music bringing ties with rock, pop andcertainly more organic sounds. The musician is creating a new path, anew future by travelling to the past. This new LP is redefining its ownnew genre somewhere between techno, indie dance, industrial andnew wave inspirations.

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