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Mild High Club - Going Going Gone [LP]
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Mild High Club

Going Going Gone

LP / Nowy


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A1. Kluges I
A2. Dionysian State
A3. Trash Heap
A4. Taste Tomorrow
A5. New High
A6. It's Over Again
B1. Kluges Ii
B2. I Don't Mind The Wait
B3. Dawn Patrol
B4. Waving
B5. Me Myself & Dollar Hell
B6. Holding On To Me
Opis produktu

While Alex Brettin, “bartender and resident selector” of the metaphysical listening lounge he calls the Mild High Club, could not have foreseen the numerous overlapping crises of these past years, his new album Going Going Gone feels especially apt for the moment. On the first single “Me Myself and Dollar Hell,” he explores themes of paranoia, individualism, kleptocracy, gun violence, faith, and climate change. “Dionysian State” satirizes the nightmare of individualism in America and wherever that mindset exists in the world, with lyrics portraying decline before voices come together to find a form of humanity toasting to the madness.

Following his Mild High Club debut Timeline (2015), which examined the burgeoning social media age, and second album Skiptracing (2016), which questioned his identity as an artist and featured the massively popular single “Homage”, Brettin followed with the King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard collaboration Sketches from Brunswick East in 2017. After releasing three records in three years, he sought to hone his craft over the five-year process that would yield Going Going Gone.

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