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Charizma - Circa 1990-1993 [4LP]
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Charizma / Peanut Butter Wolf

Circa 1990-1993

4LP / Nowy


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Peanut Butter Wolf curated this 4LP box set to commemorate the late MC, Charizma and the collection of works they created between 1990-1993. The anthology includes rare, classic and unreleased tracks that makes up eight sides of vinyl, along with never before seen photos and ephemera.        

A1. M-Town
A2. Move
A3. Cut The Play
A4. Raquel
A5. Yeahhh
A6. Pan Am

B1. Charizma What
B2. Bless You
B3. Gatha Round (It's A Demo)
B4. High School Love

C1. Soon To Be Large
C2. Ice Cream Truck
C3. Apple Juice Break
C4. Devotion ('92)
C5. Scratch N Sniff

D1. On & On / Here's A Smirk
D2. Red Light Green Light
D3. Jack The Mack
D4. Talk About A Girl
D5. The Vapors

E1. Tell You Something
E2. Rlgl Remix
E3. Take It Easy
E4. Fair Weathered Friend
E5. Wikki Wikki
E6. Pacin The Floor

F1. Methods
F2. Keep On Rockin It
F3. Devotion ('93)
F4. It's Trendy

G1. My World Premiere (12 Inch Version)
G2. Home Turf
G3. Just Like A Test
G4. That's Word

H1. Live In 92 At The Dna Lounge
H2. Live In 92 On Mystic Television
H3. Live In 93 On The Wake Up Show
H4. Top Notch Competitor
H5. Wreckin Shoppin For 8 Tracks
H6. The Countdown

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