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Punk 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution Vol.3: Proto-Punk 1969-76
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Punk 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution Volume 3: Proto-Punk 1969-76  

The album is released on CD with outsize large booklet and thick slipcase and limited-edition super-loud, super-heavy double gatefold-sleeve vinyl edition complete with full sleeve-notes and free download code. These Punk 45 releases are also the first that Soul Jazz Records are making available as worldwide digital releases.  

01. Debris - One Way Spit
02. George Brigman - Jungle Rot
03. Death - Politicians In My Eyes
04. The Gorillas - You Really Got Me
05. Crime - Hot Wire My Heart
06. The Mirrors - She Smiled Wild
07. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You
08. Pastiche - Derelict Boulevard
09. Cabaret Voltaire - Makes Your Mouth Go Funny
10. Jack Ruby - Hit & Run
11. Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks - Rear Guard Action
12. Electric Eels - Cyclotron
13. Count Bishops - I Ain't Got You
14. Rob Jo Star Band - Acid Revolution
15. The 101ers - Keys To Your Heart
16. The Killer Kane Band - Mr Cool
17. Simply Saucer - Here Come The Cyborgs, pt. 2
18. Zolar X - Space Age Love
19. Hector - Wired Up
20. Stavely Makepeace - I Want To Love You Like A Mad Dog
21. Radio Pete - Just A Patsy

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