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Catch Action: The Sophisticated Boogie Funk Of Sheridan House Records
6LP / Nowy

A1. Something Unique - Catch Action
A2. Deborah Foster - Whip It On Me
B1. Romeo Stone - Keep On Doin Whatcha Doin
B2. Big Bundy - Sex
B3. Tammi Hanson - So Weak
C1. Towana - Tell Me How It Is
C2. Ty Karim - It Takes Money
D1. King James - Suspicion
D2. Deborah Foster - Sweet & Sassy (Alternative Take)
E1. Janette Renee - What's On Your Mind
E2. Back To Love - Real Love
F1. Something Unique - This Feeling Between Us
F2. Deborah Foster - Sweet & Sassy
G1. Deborah Foster - Sweet & Sassy (Instrumental)
G2. Janette Renee - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover
H1. Janette Renee - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover (Extended Instrumental)
H2. Ty Karim & George Griffin - Keep On Doin Whatcha Doin
H3. Beverly Cason - Frenzy
I1. Ty Towana - Catch Action
I2. Right Connection - High School Love Affair
J1. 2-Ana - Jungle Animal
J2. 2-Ana - Jungle Animal (Instrumental)
K1. Robert Edwards - Funky On The Bottom
K2. Robert Edwards - Sweet On The Top
L1. Back To Back - Shake That Body Music
L2. Deborah Foster - It Takes Money
L3. Beverly Cason - Love Me
Opis produktu

Luv N’Haight along with Shane “DJ Sureshot” Hunt presents “Catch Action: The Sophisiticated Boogie Funk of Sheridan House Records.” With a total of 27 tracks allocated over 6 x 12”s along with a booklet and housed in a slipcase, the boxset compilation provides a comprehensive story of Kent Harris’ Los Angeles based label releasing obscure yet timeless gems from the golden-era of modern soul, boogie and funk.   

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