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Sounding Out The City
2CD / Nowy

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CD1 1. Detroit Twice
CD1 2. Musings To Myself
CD1 3. Too Late To Turn Back
CD1 4. El Pueblo Unido
CD1 5. Behind The Blue Curtains
CD1 6. Ocho Rios
CD1 7. Yennicita
CD1 8. Creation
CD1 9. This Songs For You
CD1 10. Slide Show
CD1 11. Hung Up On My Baby
CD2 1. Kiddie Diddie
CD2 2. This Song's For You (Alternate Mix)
CD2 3. Little House
CD2 4. Musting To Myself (Alternate Mix)
CD2 5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (feat. Lee Fields)
CD2 6. Yennecita
CD2 7. Walk On By
CD2 8. A Little Sloopy
CD2 9. Blind Love
CD2 10. Easy Access (Part 1)
CD2 11. Easy Access (Part W)
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